Multi-Masking: What Is It and Why Do You Need to Try It

Multi-Masking: What Is It and Why Do You Need to Try It
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2022 was the year of beauty. From makeup tips to skincare hacks, we’ve had plenty of beauty bargains – good and bad. While some beauty trends failed majorly, most of them scored a 10/10 on our scorecards. One such successful fad that took our skincare game to the next level is ‘multi-masking’.

What Is Multi-Masking?

Multi Masking

Multi-masking is a skincare hack that you need to try in 2023. While it’s nowhere near being a new entry to the fad list ’23, it definitely is one we’ve been loving for the past couple of years and plan on carrying forward. First things first, let’s simplify the concept of multi-masking. Multi-masking is the process of using more than one mask in one masking step to combat many skincare foes at the same time.

Multi-masking is a custom skincare step, specially tailored for your skin. It helps address different skin care concerns while using different formulas on different areas of the skin at the same time. For example, if you’re someone with an oily T-zone, but dull and dehydrated skin on your cheeks, then you can use Freeman’s Deep Cleansing Mud Mask on your T-Zone while using Freeman’s Renewing Peel-Off Gel Mask on your cheeks and chin. You can also increase the number of masks to 3 and 4 based on your requirement. 

Benefits of Multi-Masking

Benefits of Multi Masking

The biggest benefit of this skincare trend is that instead of going through various skincare steps, you can tend to multiple skincare concerns at the same time. One multi-masking session can take care of dehydration, dullness, pigmentation, and many more such concerns in one go.

How To Multi-Mask Like A Pro

  1. For Dry Skin: Freeman Renewing Peel-Off Gel Mask is a skin-rejuvenating face mask with refreshing cucumber extracts. This peel-off mask takes away dirt, and impurities and reveals hydrated and soothed skin.
  2. For Oily Skin: Freeman Deep Cleansing Mud Mask intensely detoxifies the skin and helps in getting rid of excess oil, dirt, and impurities while maintaining the skin’s moisture level. Its deeply cleansing formula of black sugar and carbon can be used to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal soft and plump skin. 
  3. For Acne-Prone Skin: Freeman Clearing Peel-Off Clay Mask is a skin-clarifying mask with oil-absorbing properties of clay, and skin-brightening properties of lemon and sweet tea. This mask can help in reducing the appearance of dark spots, blemishes, and acne marks.
  4. For Dull & Tired Skin: Freeman Rejuvenating Clay Mask is a great option to infuse life into dull and tired skin. It instantly detoxifies the pores and gets rid of dead skin cells to reveal glowing, radiant skin. 
  5. For Congested Skin: Freeman Purifying Clay Mask can help to deeply cleanse congested skin and can get rid of deep-seated impurities in the pores. While its clay formula helps in gentle yet thorough cleansing, oatmeal and vitamin E in this mask can help condition and soothe the skin.

Upgrade your skincare game up a level with multi-masking. And with this multi-masking guide, we’re sure you’ll ace this trend. While we are knees-deep in flimsy skincare hacks and troublesome trends, this one stands out to be a clear winner. 


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