Hey Beautiful, Welcome to Boddess Beauty

We are Boddess Beauty - India’s finest beauty-tech retailer that aspires to transform the way people discover beauty and grooming by combining cutting edge technology, experiential retail and the finest brands from around the world. We just made our first splash in January 2020 and can’t wait to meet you in person towards the end of 2020.Stay tuned, because the future of beauty is here.

Through personalized product curations, state of the art gadgets, and indispensable talent from across the globe – we’re redefining the ultimate customer experience and elevating your commitment to beauty from a transaction to a life long relationship.

Here at Boddess, we’re committed to equip every woman be the most empowered, beautiful and confident version of herself. We’re convinced every woman has what it takes to conquer the world and can’t wait to have you create your very own beauty oasis very soon.

Beauty to me is simple. It starts within and manifests in the things we do, foods we eat, thoughts we have, and ultimately choices we make. I started Boddess with one mission in mind - to spread the importance of self-care and indulgence to women across the world through beauty, which I believe brings women from all walks of life together and creates an unbreakable community. Products made with good intent, services provided with great care, and customer relationships nurtured with personal involvement is the bedrock of Boddess’s core DNA. We can’t wait to empower women to be who they want to be, go out there, and make the impact.

-Ritika Sharma
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