The Many Hues of Beauty: Celebrating Diversity in Indian Women's Standards of Beauty

The Many Hues of Beauty: Celebrating Diversity in Indian Women's Standards of Beauty
191 Days Ago

It is crucial to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity within Indian beauty as India's rich cultural legacy is still being revealed. It is time to dispel these illusions and celebrate individual beauty in a culture where conventional beauty standards have long promoted unattainable aspirations. This article tries to dispel some prominent beauty clichés in Indian culture and emphasize the need of recognizing the diversity of Indian beauty. This Independence Day, Boddess Beauty believes in beauty beyond Boundaries and identifies women from different cultural backgrounds in India that define and appreciate beauty, displaying a rich tapestry of perspectives. We are highlighting five women from different walks of life and how they define beauty and exemplify their cultural diversity of India but also signify women's empowerment and self-expression. 

The obsession with Fair Skin

The fascination with light complexions is one of India's most enduring beauty standards. But it's important to realize that beauty comes in various hues and that it's important to celebrate the diversity of skin tones. Meet Neha Upadhay - a budding Influencer from a small town who radiates beauty and confidence as she juggles her dusky skin every day. But she leaves no stone unturned, as beauty for her is beyond any color, and she advocates for inclusivity. Currently a sensation among aficionados of alternative fashion, this blogger is well-known for her reels and favourites for the brands. Neha Upadhay says –One beauty ritual that remained with her traditionally is Ubtan using turmeric, milk and curd and hence she suggested the same ingredients in one pack.


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Imperfections lies in Flawed Elegance

A common fallacy is equating beauty solely with flawless appearance. This misconception disregards the depth and uniqueness of individuals. Meet Pooja Paul- an Boddess Expert and a true representation of grace and elegance. Since childhood she has been a target of imperfect teeth or flaws skin but nothing could stop her from being limitless. True beauty encompasses qualities beyond physical perfection, including character, confidence, and authenticity, revealing a richer and more diverse definition of what it means to be beautiful. When asked about her beauty ritual that she has been passed on is her grandmother used to prepare a home made herbal oil which she still swears by.


Embracing Different types of Bodies

Women's bodies are frequently subjected to artificial beauty standards set by society, which champions a particular body type as the pinnacle of beauty. This misconception reinforces damaging ideas about self-worth and beauty in addition to feeding body shaming. The Indian conception of beauty has been a constant over many years. Meet Daljeet Kaur- A security Guard. She spills confidence at being comfortable at her own skin. She faced many harships in her growing years and in order to celebrate the diversity of Indian beauty, one must value varied body types and understand that there are many distinct sorts of beauty. We can create a society that is more inclusive and body-positive by questioning these restrictive standards. Daljeet defines beauty in being confident and she diligently applies milk cream being her secret of her glowing skin.


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Celebrating Success Stories

The celebration of Indian beauty's uniqueness ultimately consists in spotting and honoring success tales that defy accepted beauty standards. By overcoming obstacles and becoming well known due to their talent and inner beauty. Meet Neha Arora- Assisant Manager, she opens the door for many women out there with her imperefections. By showcasing the accomplishments of people who value their individuality, we encourage others to value their own attractiveness and change perceptions about Indian beauty standards. Neha is ardent user of the hair oil used in her family for generations. She believes in being unappologically herself.


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Re-defining Beauty Standards

In today’s scenario the way that society views beauty has undergone a tremendous change in recent years. The body positivity movement has grown into a potent force that promotes diversity and self-acceptance while questioning conventional notions of beauty. We can see the effectiveness and worth of our own practices when we dispel the notion that foreign approaches are always superior. Meet Manisha Tiwari – hailing from the heart of Delhi and located currently at the vibrant hub of Gurgaon, her radiant positively is a universal force of transcends boundaries.


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India's diversity and rich cultural past have given rise to a variety of beauty customs. The demand for fair skin has long predominated, although it ignores the variety of skin tones in India. These beliefs are being contested by social media platforms and influencers, who are also advocating for a more inclusive viewpoint. Indian beauty includes comprehensive techniques centered in spirituality and self-care as well as an emphasis on outward appearances. It is critical to question gender expectations and value many types of beauty. Indian beauty promotes a more inclusive community by celebrating ancestry, customs, and personal narratives. Boddess beauty advocates the different colours of India representing women with blooming confidence with her own flaws and shining bright in their journey of life.



Q: What is the significance of celebrating diversity in Indian women's standards of beauty?

Ans: Celebrating diversity in Indian women's standards of beauty is crucial because it promotes inclusivity, self-acceptance, and a positive body image. It challenges the narrow definitions of beauty that have been perpetuated for years and encourages a more inclusive and respectful approach to beauty that embraces various skin tones, body shapes, features, and cultural backgrounds.


Q: How has the concept of beauty evolved in India over the years?

Ans: The concept of beauty in India has evolved significantly. In the past, there was a tendency to uphold fair skin as the ideal standard of beauty. However, contemporary perspectives have shifted to recognize and appreciate the diversity of skin tones, facial features, and body shapes that make up the rich tapestry of Indian beauty. There is now a growing awareness of the importance of representing and celebrating all forms of beauty.


Q: Are there any cultural factors that influence beauty standards in India?

Ans: Yes, cultural factors play a significant role in shaping beauty standards in India. Historical notions of purity, class distinctions, and colonial influences have contributed to the glorification of fair skin. However, as the culture evolves, there is a growing movement to embrace traditional features and a wider spectrum of skin tones, acknowledging the diverse cultures and ethnicities within India.


Q: How does celebrating diversity in beauty benefit society as a whole?

Ans: Celebrating diversity in beauty benefits society by promoting inclusivity, reducing harmful stereotypes, and fostering a culture of acceptance. It boosts individuals' self-esteem, encourages self-expression, and contributes to a more positive and healthy body image for people of all backgrounds. Additionally, it helps break down systemic barriers and challenges the negative impacts of discrimination based on appearance.

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