8 Types Of ‘Aura Nails’ To Bookmark For Your Next Appointment

8 Types Of ‘Aura Nails’ To Bookmark For Your Next Appointment
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Aura NailsAura Nails

There is no way these nails must have missed your Instagram feed. When we tell you that they’re everywhere, we mean EVERWHERE. How would we define ‘Aura Nails’, you ask? Aura nails are one of the latest nail trends which include a gradient of one or more nail paint colours. The nail paint is blended (sometimes swirled) in a way to create a dimensional effect. 

While everybody is getting their zen on with meditation, and getting to know their auras better, nail enthusiasts have flipped a new nail trend out of it, and honestly, we’re not complaining. The blend of artistic nails accumulated under the Aura Nails hashtag is simply beautiful, and we have shortlisted a handful for your next nail salon appointment. So pick your phone up, make that call to your nail tech and fix a visit!

But first, which one are you picking?

What Does Your Aura Look Like?

Take a pick from this carefully curated list of some of our top picks:

1. Prive to Primary


These nails feature s soft disperse pattern on a set of primary colours for the digits that just spells simplicity that stands out. 

2. Pinterest Worthy Pick


If you want nails to look like aura interpretations in real time, this set is the way to go. This design’s mood board includes pairings of beautiful colours forming a galaxy like formation at the centre of the nail.

3. Electric Love


Blue has been topping all our beauty charts off-late. From eye makeup to nail designs, electric blue is the perople’s choice. If you’re still cruising on the true blue wave, this set of nails is for you.

4. Summer Crushin’


Now for the one who cannot get enough of Summery goodness, these nails will keep you sane during the coming winter weather. Brimming with a vibrant colour palette, these nails are amazing for someone having heatwave flashbacks. 

5. Mix ‘n Match


If you are a fellow nail enthusiast, you must have come across the jelly nail trends as well. This right here is a mix and match combo of jelly nails and Aura nails. So if you’re someone who is always on the fence about which nails to get, you can decide on this 2-in-1 treat!

6. Art Attack Alert


A pure celebration of art, these nails build on a pastel colour palette with random designs that look synonymous to the same mood board. The eclectic colour choice makes this set even more playful. 

7. Zen Z


If chakras could align with a snazzy new nail set, it would be with this one. So channel the Zen Z within you and get these nails STAT. You can go long or keep your nail length shirt to enjoy this design to the fullest. 

8. Ambiant


If your aesthetic is futuristic chic, these nails are for you. Ambiant periwinkle with hues of lavender, plus silver accents – the perfect clean chic manicure.

Choosing your next nail set design has never been easier (you’re welcome). So don’t wait too long. Get these nails before the next fiery trend heats up the charts!

Featured Images: Instagram