Festive Beauty: 5 Makeup Trends That are Topping the Charts in 2022

Festive Beauty: 5 Makeup Trends That are Topping the Charts in 2022
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The best part of the year is here! Yup, we’re talking about the festive time that we so eagerly wait for throughout the year. Starting from Navratri and Dussehra, landing with Diwali, and ending the year with Christmas and New Year festivities, there’s a lot to cover! We make ourselves a little too busy toward the end of months, don’t we? Why not add to this joyous time with the best of beauty? 

If you are someone who is looking to bejewel your festive season with the best of glam trends, you’ve come to the right place. We have broken down the Indian beauty industry’s favourite beauty trend to match the occasion. No need to scour the internet to make your festive beauty mood board, for we are here to give you not only the low down of what is trending but also how to achieve it!

The Trend Report

In 2022, we’re going grand on glam with the best of our glitter and gloss makeup looks. We have listed down some of the best ways to achieve this makeup trend and make it yours. 

1. High on Highlighter

Instagram: @malaikaaroraofficial

If you thought that we were over our obsession with highlighters, you my friend, cannot be more wrong. We’ve evolved our liking towards high-functioning highlighters on our cheekbones, into a much grander version. We’re talking about body illuminators and highlighters! So join us in our gratifying indulgence of getting ‘High on Highlighters’ with highlighters that make us glow to

2. All Things Bling 

Instagram: @norafatehi

In case you missed the memo, here’s a reminder that we’re unleashing our eccentric selves with makeup. So stock up on all things bling and glitter. From eyeshadows to lipsticks, bronzers, and setting sprays, glitter is everywhere. The best beauty advice for the festive season of 2022 can be summed up as ‘Go for Glitter!’

3. Gushing Gloss Glam

Instagram: @shanayakapoor02

It’s no news that we’re unabashedly bringing back beauty trends from the 90s and 80s. Every day there’s one vintage resurrection taking place either in the fashion or the beauty industry. But if the trends include something as glam as lip gloss, we’re definitely not complaining. While we’re pretty sure that your makeup stash must be brimming with glosses since they were brought back from the dead in 2020, this is your sign to invest in some with a hint of glitter in them. Take your gloss glam to the next level with juicy and glitter lip glosses.

4. Saying EYE Do to Experiments

Instagram: @aditiraohydari

While we love our edgy graphic eyeliners, this time we call upon our trusty smoky eyes. Whether you’re more of a soft-smoke girl or a full-smoke diva, there’s something in store for everyone. A smokey eye can do wonders for any festive makeup look, but if you’re a makeup minimalist, you can go for a subtle eyeshadow eyeliner to achieve that sultry eye makeup look.

5. Blush Bae

Instagram: @aliaabhatt

The beauty industry is riding on the many blush makeup trends that we so dearly love right now. But which one are we finalizing to rule our festive beauty trends? And the winner is… *drum rolls*… cream blushes and tints! A soft, creamy blush or a cheek and lip tint is the perfect way to achieve that naturally flushed, dewy effect that we all love so much.

Is your vanity ready to take this Festive Season on like a pro? Include these glitter & gloss elements in your makeup kit for the ultimate win with your festive beauty.


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